Tuesday, 23 March 2010

! Our Exclusive Interview With M_Themis !

Hello if u already no we said we were going to have an interview with M_Themis
its been a thew days but we now have it here are our questions and her answer's.
1.How did u become so big on stardoll and your blog ?
answer: I guess it just happend really ...... we work really hard on the blog and when you work hard it "pays off".
2.What was your first ever outfit on stardoll ?
answer:Well i carnt really remember .... LOL.
3.How many friends do u have altogether ?
answer:I dont no but i think around 5000.
4.Do you have any other secret accounts ?
answer:Yes i do.....mostly to trade with more safely....i would never reveal any of them though part of the whole safety thing.
5.How did you meet superoh and mirka_17 ?
answer:We are best friend's in real life.
6.Can you give us any tips to be successful on stardoll ?
answer:There is not a tip...be the best u can....be creative and unique...make your medoll like no
other....and be kind and fair.
So that was M_Themis's answer's
hope u liked our interview !
click below to visit M_Themis's suite

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