Wednesday, 17 March 2010

! Our Celebrity Look A Like Contest !

hello everybody nothing much happend on stardoll today so we decided to hold a competition !
its are own look a like cometition !
follow these steps if u want to enter !
1. Choose who you want to be.
2. Make urself look as much as the celebrity you have choosen.
3.Go to your album front cover and add urself looking like the celeb + the celeb next to u.
4.Come back to our blog and write in the comments ur stardoll name and the celeb u r supposed to be.

1.The celeb u r supposed to be must be on stardoll either a real celeb or just a dress up
2.No being mean about the winners or the people that dont win

When the contest is closed we will inform u and then we will pick ten people to go threw to the finalist. there will be three winners 1st 2nd 3rd moving on to the prizes


Plz Enter And Enjoy !

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